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Elly Hadjipateras

Kalliopi Hadjipateras

Maria M. Hadjipateras

Maria has been on the OBF Entertainment committee since the early 1990s. During the early years she focused on seating everyone with meticulous care to keep guests happy, and in recent years is keen to ensure that the food and wine is to everyone's taste. Her concern for the welfare of fellow Oinoussians and love for the Island, makes her passionate about the cause.

Maria P. Hadjipateras

Maria joined the Fundraising committee in 1994. She has been known to call out programme page numbers in her sleep around November time, but loves the challenge of keeping the fundraisers fresh and exciting every year. Favourite OBF moment: "Seeing our logo emblazoned on the Tower of London was amazing!"

Xenia Hadjipateras

Xenia joined the Fundraising committee in 2000. Organising tables and table centrepieces become her main focus between September and November every year! She enjoys working with the team to raise funds for a cause close to her heart.

Maria D. Lemos

Kalliopi J. Hadjipateras

Sophia H. Hadjipateras

Sophia M. Hadjipateras

Tika A. Hadjipateras

Markella Kaminaris

Eirini D. Lemos

Maria K. Lemos

Theodore G. Lemos

J.C. Moquette

Poppy Souglides