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Award For OBF – 17 June 2023

On 17th June 2023, at Glaros restaurant, the Association of Parents and Guardians of Oinousses Primary School ‘Apostolos Pavlos’ gave an award to OBF for its valuable cooperation and contribution in 2023. This award was graciously accepted by Marianna Iliopoulou on behalf of OBF.  Our President sent a message that was read at the celebration.“The President and the members of The Oinoussai Benevolent Fund thank you for the kind invitation to the celebration of the Primary School and regret that they are not here tonight. OBF would like to thank you for giving us this award which symbolises the good cooperation between OBF and the Primary School for so many years. It is an honor for us, as it was for our forefathers, that for so many decades we have supported the school academically, socially and culturally and will continue to do so for many years to come.     We wish continued success to those who graduated this year and look forward to a bright and fulfilling new academic year.”With steadfast salutations,     John M. HadjipaterasOBF President

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